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Virtual Real world



Welcome to the virtual world of mine .I am telling you talking is the most easy and silly thing in the world.On the other side thinking and acting in that direction is the most intelligent but difficult work on earth.By graduation ,i am a pharmaciest. By post graduation i am a chemoinformatisian.By hobby i am a modeller and animator.Well i am expecting very much from my life.
This gallary contains some very recent work that i can find in my recent files in blender menu options.I have tried too many things like visualization of proteins and small molecules in blender (i fallowed the PDB2blend script) and also experimented with generating the secondary structure of protein.But i don't know why time is running very fast in last few year, giving me very little time for everything ::~ But the most thing i have practice in blender is python scripting and animation. setting Ipo for objects and scripting the charecter animation are my strong side in 3D #

Golden Tower


Here are some of the images of my ongoing work.The image above is created in blender.The golden tower is imported from google sketch Up and helicopter as well as the car is also obtain from google ware house.The animation of this scene is under way.In this scene it is really hard to put the curves or set up the key frame for the objects,so the method i have used os animation by interpolation,from my tutorial.Only the location of the object is taken and then they are circularly interpolated.I will shortly put this animation on web site

Man In Action

This model is created by " David lettier ",and i got this,with blender art magazine. This is first model i have scripted for very complex actions.Action scripting is something i am very intrested in! . I have done some research on this model and found the axis which are needed for scripting the basic movement.When we have to make a long animation like in movie it is impossible to set the curves and keyframes for each action,in such a situation action scripter take over the ride ~:: Python is your friend if you are blender user,in such a situation. I am soon writting a tutorial on how to do action scripting in Blender. But to make your salivary gland stimulate for blender python i want to tell you some thing,Here are some instruction that i have given to to my buddy,and he is doing these actions step by step.

man.jump and man.cometofloor
like wise...
Is there any language in the world,where you can talk with your objects like this ?,if you ask me this question i will say yes yes yes!! ~:: python is my friend.

Female Fighter

This is a female fighter created by Ben Dansie,I am rigging it and animating with action scripting. I am telling you ben has done very carefull modelling and it was actually very hard for me to rig this charecter,but i did it! ben is very friendly with me and we are working togather IT is again very hard to animate this charecter but i like challenges ::~ After some time probable a month i will place this animation too!


  • ManInAction

  • Comments and critics are highly appriciated,As i am completing my M.S. in coming 2-3 month i have to search for a job or Ph.D. so most of my time is busy in that. So please give me some time to complete my promises. Happy Blendering ::~

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